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A Family tradition


La Sicilia Pizza Pasta Grille is named for the island of Sicily, the ancestral home of the Mascali family.  Sicily is the island that is being "kicked" by the "boot" that is the mainland of the Italian Peninsula.  Pizza making has been a tradition in the Mascali family for generations.  We are proud to bring that tradition to the Oxford area.  For almost 20 years La Sicilia has been providing our customers hand tossed pizzas made daily with fresh home made dough and the best ingredients as well fine Italian style entrees, cheese steaks, hoagies, desserts and more!

​We take pride in providing friendly service and using only fresh quality ingredients, fine imports and fresh local produce in our recipes.  With an eat in BYOB dining area, take out or delivery, we make it easy to enjoy delicious Italian food or your favorites from the grill.  

Our Name and Logo



La Sicilia is named after the island and the Italian region of Sicily.   Our logo is the Sicilian Trinacria. Trinacria is a Greek word that means "three pointed", from akra, "end, point, peak, headland" plus treis, "three", and is the earliest known name of the island of Sicily, formerly a Greek possession, so named from its triangular shape. Sicily was also later known by the Romans by its Greek name Trinacria. The ancient symbol of Trinacria is the head of Medusa overlaying three legs conjoined at the hips and flexed in triangle and three stalks of wheat. The Trinacria symbol has also been adopted by the modern Sicilian government and appears at the center of Sicily's flag. In ancient Greek mythology the gorgon Medusa was sent by the goddess Athena to protect the island.  The Three legs represent the three major points of Sicily.

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